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Dear Customer, With rising electric bills, akin to the continual increase in gasoline prices, families across the country are facing the challenge of maintaining their financial freedom. Electricity prices are forecasted to rise even more in 2024, following an 18% increase in recent years, prompting the search for more economical alternatives. In this scenario, the demand for solar energy solutions is soaring, emerging as the smart choice for those looking to alleviate the burden of energy bills and invest in a greener future.

Ever thought about cutting your electric bills by 50% and boosting your property value by 4.5%? With Apricot, we make this possibility not just real but accessible, transforming your home into a sustainable energy source.

While many families continue to grapple with high electric bills year after year, those who have switched to solar energy with Apricot are experiencing significant reductions in their expenses, saving an average of $4,000 per year. This saving not only eases the household budget but also contributes to a more sustainable planet.

It's time to make a transformative decision.

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Energy Prices Soaring!

See How Our Customers Are Saving Over 50% on Their Energy Bills

Florida ranks among the top 5 states with the highest electricity bills


Solar energy has halved costs while public rates rose by 20%, offering immediate financial savings and stability, grid independence, and protection from future hikes.

Property Appreciation

Adding $15,000 to resale value, solar homes sell faster, drawing buyers focused on sustainability and potentially increasing appreciation further.


A 30% tax credit, state incentives, and net metering programs in Florida enhance savings, allowing homeowners to sell back excess energy, maximizing financial benefits.


Accessible financing without the need for additional collateral. Low rates and terms up to 30 years make solar viable for more homeowners.


Reduces CO2 emissions, lowers air and water pollution, and conserves resources. Solar energy has a smaller carbon footprint, bolstering its ecological value.

and Support

A 25-year warranty with monitoring tools for maximum efficiency. Ongoing support ensures effective operation and homeowner peace of mind.

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Savings vary based on the system size and household energy consumption, but many homeowners see a reduction of over 50% on their energy bills, which can mean thousands of dollars saved throughout the year.

Yes, studies indicate that installing solar panels can boost a property’s value by an average of $15,000, making the home more appealing to buyers interested in sustainability and long-term energy savings.

Yes, electricity prices are expected to continue increasing due to various factors, including rising production costs and investment in infrastructure. Solar energy offers an alternative to lock in your energy rates and protect against future hikes.

Yes, modern solar energy systems are efficient and can generate electricity even on cloudy days or in areas with lower solar incidence. Moreover, solar technology continues to improve, enhancing panel efficiency under various weather conditions.

In addition to a 30% Federal Tax Credit on the total cost of the solar system, many states and municipalities offer additional incentives, such as discounts, state tax credits, and net metering programs, allowing homeowners to sell back excess energy to the grid.

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